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Chocolate as Muse


In the last few years, my cocoa journey has taken me to the chocolate lands of four continents. I have been traveling to trace the popular culture of cacao, interviewing planters and field laborers, entrepreneurs and factory workers, chocolatiers and pȃtissiers, to capture all stages of cacao cultivation and chocolate processing. This research has contributed to articles on food and culture, in addition to all things chocolate, for both popular and scholarly publications.

In May 2010, during the celebration of the “Journées du Chocolat” in Bayonne in the Basque region of France, I was inducted as Ambassadrice du Chocolat (hear ceremony to the right). Founder and owner of Crik-Crak Chocolate Connections, I offer presentations, along with tastings, on the history and culture of this mysterious plant and delectable comestible. I have also served as a judge in the International Chocolate Awards in the Americas, Asia and Pacific competition. When not eating or baking chocolate pastries and making bonbons for friends and select clients, I write stories in creative non-fiction, inspired by my overseas field work, travel, and love of languages.

I invite you on my journey!

Ambassadrice du Chocolat de Bayonne on May 14, 2010

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Ellen’s acceptance speech in French

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